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Top 5 decorating tips for Kids room on a budget

If you are looking for quick and easy inexpensive tips to decorate your child’s room, then look no further. We have compiled our top 5 ways to decorate a child’s room. These tips are great for siblings who share. Designed to be fun and interactive, plus we made sure that its easy to do and to change – as kid’s change their taste constantly!

1)Blackboard paint

Why not feature one wall in your child’s room and paint it like a blackboard? Blackboard paint is very affordable, and is readily available from most DIY stores and one tin will be enough to paint one wall. Instead of using chalk for the kid’s to draw with, there are now water base chalk style pens (easy to wipe and no dust). Let your kid’s imagination go wild and let them decorate their wall. And added bonus, its great as a notice board – you can put ‘Please clean up your mess
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For a great range of chalkboard paint and accessories go here:

2) Make your own gallery style bunting

A fun an quick way to display your child’s artwork. All you need is a simple length of string attached to the wall, providing an area to peg up a small interchanging gallery of artwork.
Image from: Ideal home

3) Reuse old frames.

Pair up old unused frames and place them in a fun quirky electric style. The more mix-matched the better! Display personal art or a keepsake. Try something fun like using old scrabble letters to join up family names.
Image from: Ideal home

4) Customize table tops

We thought this was ingenious idea from Take a inexpensive low height kids table (or small coffee table) and turn it into a Lego station. By colouring the base black and sticking Lego base boards and using white sticky labels as the road tracks, it immediately looks like a Lego city. Alternatively you can use train tracks.
Image from:

5) Liven up a plain wall with our Talltape

Our portable Talltape is a great fun interactive way of measuring your child’s height. Made from a non-toxic base, our Talltape come with a pre punched hole so you can hang the tape or if you wish, use blue tack to stick to the wall, leaving no marks or damage – perfect for rental homes.
Our tapes can be rolled up when they are not in use. Each tape comes in a keepsake cylindrical case. Our tapes come in variety of designs from; dinosaurs, fairies and wild animals, perfect for fuelling your child’s imagination! And our tapes start from £10.99 making this a great affordable way of livening up your child’s room or as a great keepsake gift.
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Mums the word: Mothers day gift guide

With UK mother’s day around the corner (Sunday 26 March – don’t forget!). We thought we would give you some gift inspiration for the most important person in the world…

Memories jewellery
Our unique sterling hallmarked silver jewellery range; each piece is handcrafted in the United Kingdom. Made from solid silver with 18K gold vermeil. Our jewellery feature adjustable belcher chains and lobster clasp for ease and comfort. They are elegant unique pieces making them ideal mother’s day gift as well as Christening or baby shower gift.

Silver Charm bracelet
Silver trinket box
Silver bee earrings
Hidden message
Our memories silver charm bracelet and necklace come with a small capsule, ideal for holding a baby’s first lock of hair, first tooth or a loving written message. All the charms are detachable so you can interchange them or add them on other pieces of jewellery.
Silver trinket box
Bee symbolism
Bess are considered extremely auspicious throughout the world. Bees represent wisdom and immortality. They also symbolize love and fidelity. They also represent industry and productivity as they work as a team and in a community.
Making memories
Our ‘Memories of growing up’ USB stick enables you to preserve all of your child’s precious milestone – photos, videos, artwork, even school reports – from birth to adulthood on one safe, portable and universal devise. Beautifully packaged in a white presenetaion box with gift tag, this compact white leather and chrome hi-speed memory stick comes with masses of capacity.
To help you organise your images, we’ve preloaded each one with labelled folders, including some of the exciting milestones you’ll want to record in the future.

Our memory sticks come are offered in 16 GB and 32 GB size
Our best selling original Talltape continue to delight children and parents alike. Portable children’s height chart, they are ideal for keeping on-going record of your child’s height from birth all they way to adulthood. They are the alternative to recording measurements on a wall or door. Our Talltape won’t get left behind or painted over – it just stays with you making the perfect keepsake gift.

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Memories jewellery

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Talltape height chart

Talking to Talltape’s first artist Charlotte Bampfylde

Here are Memories of Growing Up, we support emerging British artists, who design the Talltapes especially for us. We speak to Charlotte Bampfylde, the first artist we collaborated with, who designed the Tree of life and Wild Animals Talltapes:
Charlotte Bampfylde – artist

How did you get into illustration? Did you go to art school or was it hobby turned into a career?
It’s a hobby of mine, I have been doing illustrations all my life and larger pictures, although my large is still quite small! I meant to go to art school, but became a secretary instead part time and painted houses and estate agents brochures, advertisements and cartoons the other days, whatever came along, all word of mouth. I also illustrated a friends party games books Are You There Moriarty and Play it Again Moriarty {Debrett) in my twenties and a few charity cook books. In those days it was hard to find a publisher for books I was asked by authors to illustrate – they liked their own illustrators!


What medium do you like to use? Paint, gauche, oils, pencils…
I love painting in oil the most, or pen and watercolour or sometimes pastel.

How did you get involved with Talltape at Memories of Growing Up?
I met Camilla Warren through fundraising for the lovely charity The Lullaby Trust – the Talltape was her idea and she asked me to draw for her. The inspiration behind the best selling tree of life was that a tree is very tall and goes upwards and is full of life, just like children.

Do you think social media apps like Instagram is important in promoting illustrators like yourself?
I am not on Instagram, but I can see it would be very good for illustrators these days, it’s a great way to reach a new audience.

Which artist or illustrators do you admire most?
My favourite illustrators are E.H.Shepard, Beatrice Potter and Quentin Blake, but I admire many more…

If you weren’t an illustrator what would you be?
I have been very lucky to be able to illustrate and paint, as I really enjoy it. Otherwise I expect I would have been a secretary, which I wasn’t really very good at, although I enjoyed the office chat!

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Wide_Tall_tape_tree_1 copy

Top tips for measuring your child’s height

Look at any class picture, and you’ll see kids of the same age in all shapes and sizes. Some kids look tiny next to their peers, while others literally stand head and shoulders above their classmates.
As easy as it is to make these comparisons and to draw conclusions about what you see, the reality is that kids grow at their own pace. Big, small, tall, short — there is a wide range of healthy shapes and sizes among children.
Genetics, gender, nutrition, physical activity, health problems, environment, hormones, and lifestyle factors like nutrition and physical activity all influence a child’s height and weight. And many of these factors can vary widely from family to family.
1. Mid parental height or MPH
Did you know you can calculate the potential height of a child by adult age by using a simple formula known as ‘Mid parental height calculation’ or MPH.
Mid parental height (MPH) formula:

• Comparison with child’s own genetic potential
• MPH for boys = mother’s height + father’s height divide by 2 (
• MPH for girls = mother’s height + father’s height divide by 2 (-

So for example of a boy is:
• MPH for a boy = mother’s height 163 cm + father’s height 185 cm = 348 /2 = 174 + 6 = 180 cm (5ft9)
The 180 cm measurement will be plotted on Growth Chart at age 20 to form a family chart.

Or you can use the calculator here
baby boy 6
2. Measuring children under 2 years old

Best way of measuring children under two years old, is to measure them lying flat, and best nude as clothing including a nappy can distort the hips and shorten the measurement.
For crown heel length – ensure the baby’s feet are at 90 deg (not pointed) and head is supported.
Baby Gift Keepsake Decorated Height Measure

Making your rental house a home

With so many families now in long-term lets, how do you personalize your rental home? Especially for those with young families overly decorating or revamping a nursery is not an option for rentals.

One of the ways you can preserve your children’s memories in your home is with our range of Talltape. Our Talltape is quite simply a portable chart for recording the height of children – from the day they are born until they become a fully grown adult. It’s a great way to note growth milestones without having to scribble them on a door or a wall, they are perfect for rental properties. All those memories won’t be lost when you decide to move house.
Talltape is two meters long, but arrives rolled up in a compact form. It’s easy to pack it away and take it to your new home, and it’s nice for the kids to have some continuity in the form of such a personal item.

According to blogger @oz_reviews our Talltape is perfect for rentals:
Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 12.12.19

Record your child’s milestones digitally

Record your child’s milestones digitally

From our baby’s very first ultrasound, through to their coming of age, we experience so many precious milestones together.

Some we’ll manage to record, others we simply hold in our mutual memories.

Photo a day

Diligent dad, Ian McLeod, went to the extreme when he decided to take a photo of his son every single day from birth to the age of 21.

Baby (4 months)He turned his images into this touching time-lapse video where you can watch his son grow up in just minutes. No wonder it’s been viewed more than 6 million times.

A photo a day may be a bit much for a busy new parent, but you could aim for a photo a week and systematically record your baby’s journey all the way to adulthood.

Missing milestones

We all have thousands of photos of birthdays, Christmas Days, family holidays, first school day and so on.
But did you manage to record your children’s first words?
What about their first crawl and their first walk? Their first tooth fairy visit or their first Christmas stocking opening?
(One of us has an assortment of tiny teeth in a box, although we’ve long lost track of which teeth belong to which child!)

Space saving tips

Little girl drawing with paint and paintbrushThere’s a whole lot more than family photos and videos that we can store digitally – and declutter our homes at the same time.
Take pictures or scans of their first drawings and handwriting.
What about all those school awards, reports and sports certificates gathering dust under the bed?
And those big childhood paintings you can’t bear to throw away but which won’t fit into any regular box?
A whole lifetime of precious milestones can be preserved digitally. It’s worth planning ahead – before it’s too late.