How to be a Mummy blogger……

Here at Memories of growing up, we have been fortunate to work with up and coming mummy bloggers. Mummy bloggers over the last few years have been hugely influential. Blogging has provided an excellent platform for women to share ideas as well as the highs and lows of raising a family. It has given Mum’s everywhere a voice. Some have go on to develop successful businesses and entrepreneurs and we love mumpreneurs! Here is some of our top ‘newly’ discovered, up and coming mummy bloggers and we managed to grab a few minutes with them to ask how to become a blogger and some of the highs and lows of blogging:

Gemma from

Gemma is a first time mum of twins. Her background is in childcare, so her blog is a mixture of childcare tips, photography and writing!
1.What made you start your blog?
My boys! I’d written before, but never publicly. Becoming a mum made me really want to document the little moments in Douglas and Arthur’s childhood.
2. What are the highs and lows of starting a blog or working on your own?
One of the highs in blogging is getting great feedback. Whether by a comment or an email – knowing that something you wrote helped, inspired, moved or entertained someone is a lovely thing! I think the only low I’ve felt is when comparing my blog to other people’s, but over time I’ve relaxed and now just enjoy doing my own thing.
3. A blogger you admire?
Aby, who writes at You Baby Me Mummy. Aby has achieved so much with her blog and gives back to other bloggers to help them learn. Her passion and drive are things that really help to motivate me to keep going!
4. What’s your secret guilty pleasure?
Baby names! I’ve been planning names for my kids since I was around ten-years-old, and still have lists on my computer! I’m not sure if we’ll have any more children but I have plenty of names ready just in case!
5. What’s your earliest childhood memory?
I remember in my first term at school, my dad bringing me home a huge soft toy rabbit as a treat for getting a good report at my first parents’ evening! I still remember the rabbit’s huge feet, and calling it Thumper!
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Laura from
Laura is a mum of 5 – so her blog is about looking after a large family that range from 12 years to 2 years old. We grab a few moments with Laura about how she looks after her family as well as running a successful blog:
1. What’s your top tip for aspiring mummy blogger?
My top tip to become a blogger would be to simply write. Write about anything and everything, find an authentic writing style that works for you and fall in love with your blog first and foremost.

2. What’s’ your top tip for looking after a large family?
My top tip for raising a large family would be to stop sweating the small stuff. The house is never going to be pristine, we are never going to have money in the bank or have the picture perfect life, but none of that is important. Once you realise that, life gets a whole lot less stressful.

3. Which mummy blogger do you admire the most?
The blogger that I admire is Fi from She is honest, kind, supportive and incredibly positive, and I admire her on a friendship level, as a Mother, and absolutely as a blogger.

4. What’s your secret guilty pleasure?
My secret guilty pleasure is reality TV, I literally can’t get enough of it. Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore, I watch them all! I think its because my brain is so active most of the time that sometimes I just need to sit down, switch off, and enjoy the dramas of other peoples lives for a change!

5. What is your earliest childhood memory?
My earliest childhood memory is aged three when I had my leg in a cast, I had fractured my ankle and was lay on my Nans couch. My Mum had gone into town shopping and came back with a little doll for me and I felt so special lay there, her and my Nan making a fuss of me.
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Kerry from

Kerry is a working mum of two, by day she is a fully qualified veterinary surgeon
and by night she runs her blog. Her blog are daily musings of her two young children and her other passion – gardening! We catch up with Kerry:

1. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog 18months ago when I reduced my working hours and
went part time. I initially wanted it to be an outlet for my creative
side; somewhere I could document recipes, my gardening successes and my
latest hair brain craft idea. However it’s become much more than that,
and I love my little blog.

2. What are the highs and lows of blogging?
There have been several highs! The first time a PR agency contacted
me to work on a campaign when I had be blogging for about 2 months and
receiving our goody box of kids gardening toys as a “thank you’ that was
terribly exciting! Recently I was featured in Aby Moore’s (of You Baby
Me Mummy) a Britmums roundup of newbie bloggers which was a proud moment.

Lows really are down to not having enough time to do everything. I hate
neglecting my blog and it stresses me out, which is not why I started
blogging! Sometimes though other things, like work have to take
priority. Last year there was a 3-week period that I didn’t get a single
blog post published. I hated that.

3. How do you juggle your career as vet and your blog?
Sometimes it has been extremely difficult to juggle work and
blogging. Working as a vet meant I was working long days, and to be
honest it wasn’t compatible with blogging or family life. That’s why
this year I am now basically freelance and just doing second opinion
ophthalmology, which means no more on call or long days and I can
schedule work around childcare. It also gives me more time for blogging
and my other hobbies.

4. What is your earliest childhood memory?
My earliest childhood memory is my dad coming home with a cardboard
box, and when we opened the box there were two kittens inside. I
remember this little white kitten sticking her very pink nose out of the
box, and claiming her as mine. I called her pinky. I distinctly remember
this moment; I even remember the highly patterned floor tiles and the
orange kitchen units. Mum reckons I was about 2 at the time. (
incidentally this is what my memory post is going to be all about!)

5. What advise do give to an aspiring mummy blogger?
Just do it! Go for it, you’ve got nothing to loose. I love my blog
and blogging in general and have never once regretted starting on this
amazing blogging journey!

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