As the trend for baby showers grows – together with the sometimes controversial baby shower list – so does the pressure to find clever and unique baby gifts. Even harder to shop for is the latest big thing – the gender reveal party.

£24.35 average baby gift spend

In the UK, women will attend an average 23 baby showers in thier lifetime, spending a total of £560 each on gifts says Parent Dish.

That’s £24.35 per gift. A not insubstantial sum, especially for the under 25s who attend three times as many baby showers as women over 35, according to Mothercare who conducted a survey of British mums.

Baby Gift Keepsake Decorated Height Measure

Talltape has received great reviews

£10.99 solution, unisex designs

Talltape, the portable height chart is just £10.99 plus £2.99 P&P. (And if you want to get organised and bulk-buy, there’ll be no additional postage charge however many you order).

Stretching to a mighty two metres, it comes in seven beautiful designs – three non-gender specific, plus two for little girls and two for little boys.

Each one comes with its own Sharpie Mini, all rolled up into a neat little tube for safekeeping

Baby Gift Keepsake Decorated Height Measure

Talltape has received great reviews

Made of durable plastic and uniquely rollupable, Talltape helps preserve precious height records from birth to adulthood – even if the family moves house – and will make a unique keepsake in years to come.

Lies under babies for measuring from birth and can be hung on the wall for older children – or simply unrolled and rolled back up each time.

Talltape reviews

Talltape has received great reviews – from the Daily Mail to New York Metro Parents, from mummy bloggers and from customers around the US and Europe.

Here’s what ‘AnyWayToStayAtHome’ blogger Briony says:

“Talltape is the only product I have come across so far that I really wish someone had bought me or I had known about for when L was born. It is a really simple idea, a roll up height chart, but it works so well and creates a lasting memory… I really do love this little product and at only £10.99 think it’s great value for money, this would make the perfect gift for families with kids of any age or expectant mums, I really have been so impressed.”