Record your child’s milestones digitally

From our baby’s very first ultrasound, through to their coming of age, we experience so many precious milestones together.

Some we’ll manage to record, others we simply hold in our mutual memories.

Photo a day

Diligent dad, Ian McLeod, went to the extreme when he decided to take a photo of his son every single day from birth to the age of 21.

Baby (4 months)He turned his images into this touching time-lapse video where you can watch his son grow up in just minutes. No wonder it’s been viewed more than 6 million times.

A photo a day may be a bit much for a busy new parent, but you could aim for a photo a week and systematically record your baby’s journey all the way to adulthood.

Missing milestones

We all have thousands of photos of birthdays, Christmas Days, family holidays, first school day and so on.
But did you manage to record your children’s first words?
What about their first crawl and their first walk? Their first tooth fairy visit or their first Christmas stocking opening?
(One of us has an assortment of tiny teeth in a box, although we’ve long lost track of which teeth belong to which child!)

Space saving tips

Little girl drawing with paint and paintbrushThere’s a whole lot more than family photos and videos that we can store digitally – and declutter our homes at the same time.
Take pictures or scans of their first drawings and handwriting.
What about all those school awards, reports and sports certificates gathering dust under the bed?
And those big childhood paintings you can’t bear to throw away but which won’t fit into any regular box?
A whole lifetime of precious milestones can be preserved digitally. It’s worth planning ahead – before it’s too late.