If you are looking for quick and easy inexpensive tips to decorate your child’s room, then look no further. We have compiled our top 5 ways to decorate a child’s room. These tips are great for siblings who share. Designed to be fun and interactive, plus we made sure that its easy to do and to change – as kid’s change their taste constantly!

1)Blackboard paint

Why not feature one wall in your child’s room and paint it like a blackboard? Blackboard paint is very affordable, and is readily available from most DIY stores and one tin will be enough to paint one wall. Instead of using chalk for the kid’s to draw with, there are now water base chalk style pens (easy to wipe and no dust). Let your kid’s imagination go wild and let them decorate their wall. And added bonus, its great as a notice board – you can put ‘Please clean up your mess
Image from Elledecoration.se
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2) Make your own gallery style bunting

A fun an quick way to display your child’s artwork. All you need is a simple length of string attached to the wall, providing an area to peg up a small interchanging gallery of artwork.
Image from: Ideal home

3) Reuse old frames.

Pair up old unused frames and place them in a fun quirky electric style. The more mix-matched the better! Display personal art or a keepsake. Try something fun like using old scrabble letters to join up family names.
Image from: Ideal home

4) Customize table tops

We thought this was ingenious idea from ComfyDwelling.com. Take a inexpensive low height kids table (or small coffee table) and turn it into a Lego station. By colouring the base black and sticking Lego base boards and using white sticky labels as the road tracks, it immediately looks like a Lego city. Alternatively you can use train tracks.
Image from: ComfyDwelling.com

5) Liven up a plain wall with our Talltape

Our portable Talltape is a great fun interactive way of measuring your child’s height. Made from a non-toxic base, our Talltape come with a pre punched hole so you can hang the tape or if you wish, use blue tack to stick to the wall, leaving no marks or damage – perfect for rental homes.
Our tapes can be rolled up when they are not in use. Each tape comes in a keepsake cylindrical case. Our tapes come in variety of designs from; dinosaurs, fairies and wild animals, perfect for fuelling your child’s imagination! And our tapes start from £10.99 making this a great affordable way of livening up your child’s room or as a great keepsake gift.
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