With so many families now in long-term lets, how do you personalize your rental home? Especially for those with young families overly decorating or revamping a nursery is not an option for rentals.

One of the ways you can preserve your children’s memories in your home is with our range of Talltape. Our Talltape is quite simply a portable chart for recording the height of children – from the day they are born until they become a fully grown adult. It’s a great way to note growth milestones without having to scribble them on a door or a wall, they are perfect for rental properties. All those memories won’t be lost when you decide to move house.
Talltape is two meters long, but arrives rolled up in a compact form. It’s easy to pack it away and take it to your new home, and it’s nice for the kids to have some continuity in the form of such a personal item.

According to blogger @oz_reviews our Talltape is perfect for rentals:
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